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What's Included In The Speak to Perform Voice Over Club...

Speak To Perform Perk #1:

Live Monthly “Marketing Curriculum Calls” With Me, Susan Berkley

One of the major perks to joining Speak To Perform, is a monthly live call with me, where I’ll dive into a specific marketing topic that will help you grow your voice over business.

The topics I’ll cover will include:

  • How to create repeatable marketing systems in your voice over business so you can have a steady flow of qualified leads coming your way.
  • Overcoming mindset issues like procrastination, imposter syndrome and the disease I call G-R-T-G-R (pron. GRIT-grrr) “which stands for Getting Ready To Get Ready.
  • Time management for busy people who want to start a VO business on the side.
  • The latest news and industry trends on what voice over niches are red-hot right now…and how to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • The most effective strategies for networking and finding well-connected voice buyers.
  • How to authentically sell your voice over services without feeling uncomfortable
  • Major marketing mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them for maximum results.
  • HOT SEATS where you will have a chance to work through a marketing or business problem with me live on the spot.

Of course, that’s just the beginning of where we can go.

As you may know, I’ve been studying marketing and business development with the best of the best for decades. And I’m humbled to say that I’m known in the industry as the go-to marketing expert for voice talent who really want to grow their business. So really, the sky’s the limit on what I can share and what you will learn as a member!

Speak To Perform Perk #2:

A Live “Audio Feedback Booth”

The Audio Feedback Booth, is your opportunity to submit a :60 audio file recorded in your home studio (such as a commercial, an excerpt from an audio book or an eLearning narration). You’ll then join a Zoom call where one of our coaches will play your audio file for the group and give you feedback on your submission, plus, you’ll get support and encouragement in the chat from your peers. This valuable member benefit enables you to consistently improve your performance, avoid mistakes and ensure that the sound of your home studio is top-notch, so you can provide your clients with rockstar-quality audio each and every time.

Speak To Perform Perk #3:

Access To The Entire Great Voice Vault Of Voice Over Trainings!

Last but certainly not least, you’ll get access to the DOZENS of training that are currently kept under lock and key inside “The Great Voice Vault of Voice Over Trainings.”

This alone would make the Speak To Perform Voice Over Club worth the small fee I am asking. And I wanted to be sure to include it to give you a steady “drip” of valuable information that will help you improve on every aspect of voice over .from performance, to marketing, to mindset..

  • Got a big opportunity and need on-the-spot help for pricing your services? It’s in there.
  • Need help overcoming procrastination? It’s in there too.
  • Stressed out about how to choose the perfect niche for your voice? I’ve got your back!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In the Great Voice Vault of Voice Over Trainings you’ll find deep dive trainings on topics such as how to:

  • Develop unique character voices for audio books and video games
  • Create ear-grabbing character voices for audio books and video games
  • Enter the lucrative field of medical narrations for health care providers and patient education

And learn little-known secrets such as how to:

  • Develop your signature sound and ‘money voice’
  • Mark your scripts to improve your timing
  • Find qualified leads and sell your services without feeling inauthentic or sleazy

And so much more!

Speak To perform Perk #4

The Speak To Perform Membership Forum

Ever wish you could network and make friends with people who get you? Stay connected a supportive group of peers who understand your passion for voice over and the challenges and victories of growing your new voice over business? Look no further! As a member of The Speak to Perform Voice Over club you get instant access to a vibrant, supportive community of emerging voice talent. Post works in progress for feedback. Ask questions to your peers. Get the support you need when you need it the most.

Speak To perform Perk #5

10% Discounts on Great Voice Masterclasses and Flash Training's


Member Bonus #1

Exclusive LIVE Bonus Workshop Training with Justin Guarini!

Get ready for an extraordinary opportunity as an exclusive Speak to Perform membership bonus! Join us (date TBA) for a LIVE training session with none other than the multi-talented star of stage and screen, Justin Guarini! You may know Justin from his sensational journey on American Idol, his iconic role of “Lil’ Sweet” in Dr. Pepper commercials, or his remarkable performances on Broadway in hits like Wicked and Romeo and Juliet. 

In this special members-only workshop, Justin will share insider secrets that propelled his career in performance and navigating the industry’s twists and turns. Justin’s insights are gold for any aspiring voice artist!

Don’t miss this chance to learn from a true legend in the field – join Speak to Perform Voice Over Club today to confirm your spot in Justin’s exclusive February training!

Member Bonus #2

A QuickStart Strategy Session With Me, Susan Berkley

Not everyone will qualify for this bonus…

But this is a very valuable bonus I’m throwing in for people who are serious about building a voice over business in the coming months.

That’s because if you qualify, I will meet with you for a 30-minute Strategy Session, where we can discuss anything about voice over. From marketing strategies… to niche selection… to prospecting… performance… and more… this is where I will spill the beans on my 4+ decades of experience and share whatever info will be most valuable to you.

So how do you qualify for this free strategy session?

You can qualify for this free Strategy Session by joining the Speak To Perform Membership Club for an entire year.

Which means, join today and you’ll get an entire year membership to the Speak To Perform Membership Club… along with a free Quick Start Strategy Session with me… for just $797.

And remember, with the Speak To Perform Membership Club you’ll get all this:

  • Live Monthly “Marketing Curriculum Calls” With Me, Susan Berkley
  • A Live  “Audio Feedback Booth”
  • Access To The Entire Great Voice Vault Of Voice Over Trainings!
  • The Speak To Perform Membership Forum
  • 10% Discounts on Great Voice Masterclasses and Flash Training's

So what are you waiting for? Join now by using the link below!

Here's what speak to perform members have to say

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"Since working privately with you in your Marketing Mentor Coaching Program my career has really taken off! I’m working constantly voicing everything from long form E-Learning programs to corporate narrations to audio books and more! Even better, I’ve been able to raise my rates with no push back from my clients. I’m enjoying every minute of my life in voice over and I’m so grateful to you and the team at Great Voice for your support."

- Ann Coatney

"After working intensely with Susan Berkley in not one, but two of her private mentorship programs, I’m so pleased to say my voice over career is really taking off. I landed a top talent agent in New York City, my voice is going to be on two radio commercials for the NBA Playoffs & Finals, and I’m getting steady work as an e-Learning voice talent. I’m grateful for all of these opportunities! Susan and her team at Great Voice have supported me every step of the way! I can’t thank them enough!"

- Terrence Elie

"I’m so grateful to you and your team for all the support you’ve given me with my new voice over career. As a graduate of your Bootcamp and member of your Marketing Mentor program, in less than a year, I went from being a complete newcomer to actually booking my first jobs! You’ve helped me with my home studio, to improve my performance and to hold me accountable as I follow the marketing plan we created together. Best of all, you always make me feel successful in everything I do. I am forever grateful for your encouragement."

- Patrice Smith

Speak to Perform Voice Over Club

Pay In Full For 1 Year Membership



*By accepting this offer, I understand that 1 year from today my Speak To Perform Voice Over Club membership will automatically renew and my credit card will be billed the lowest rate of $797 per year \unless I cancel. Please use the payment information to cover my annual subscription. I also understand there are no refunds on subscriptions, but that I can cancel my renewal any time via the email or phone number 201-541-8595 or by emailing [email protected].